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Feminism Vs Anti-Feminisim

You know what I find hilarious about this whole fight for rights and equalism blah blah bullshit.

'Anti-Feminists' arguing against Feminists, arguing that they shouldn't label themselves 'feminists' because it defeats the object of equality and that men and females have equal rights already blah blah. 

Yet within the whole argument between them, Anti-Feminists are contradicting themselves because they also ‘label’ themselves so it defeats their own arguments because they’re arguing about how things are already equal and people shouldn’t be sterotyped or categoried but they’re a diverse group of beings themselves.

When is everyone gonna realise were just fucking humans.


Hien Le RTW Spring 2015
Photo by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Hien Le has always played it simple with clean lines, controlled contrasts, subtle tucks and folds and a gentle palette. He did just that for spring. For More
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I need this dress!!! on We Heart It

Having one of those super sad days where I’m super lonely because everyone has friends and I don’t.

" Ask me a question "


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outfit for shopping by im-emma featuring black jeans

outfit for school by im-emma featuring stackable rings

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Untitled #2057 by inthestyleofnina featuring a cut out jumpsuitOasis cut out jumpsuit, $84 / H&M chunky sandals, $25 / H M tassel handbag, $135 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS pendant chain necklace

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outfit for a spring fair by im-emma featuring zara shoes

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